So today I came up with an idea of me getting a blog (well no shit or else I wouldn't be here). Funny thing is that barely last year
I found out that I wanted to be a writer, so I believe that this could help me to write you know.To who ever is reading this I just wanted to 
tell you that I will be writing a story which well be sorta be fiction and other parts will be based on my life. That will be the cool part you will 
basically never know which parts are real and which parts are fake.I hope somewhere throughout your little miserable lives this will help you.
I may blog daily well because I really don't have friends... friends are fake as hell now a days like literally. GUYS OH MY CHUCK !!!!
 ( if you're apart  of the Supernatural Fandom you will understand) My brother finally got a job and I am very excited for him . His job is far so he is
 going to have move with his hoe ass friend but, you know he is like the only one I watch all my shows with. Literally, he lets me rant about them like what
 the hell who's going to react to me reacting to the all the shows now. To tell you guys that I had a freaking break down when we finished watching Sherlock
 season 4 finale. No I was so  overwhelmed by it that it got to the point where I was thinking about my life. Now he won't be here and what well I do. He has been
 my rock since his first year in high school and mine in middle school. Funny thing is that he probably has no idea how much I will miss him. Things without him here 
will be pretty ugly like I'm not even kidding guys. My dad and I always get into fights, now since my main hoe(actually only hoe) will not be here there will be
 more fights than ever with my father. Don't get me wrong I love my dad I do, but he can be a little too much sometimes.I'm not going to lie to you guys me and my brother
 never had a good relationship but we are so close now . Truth is I'm scared I never been alone with my father and little brothers before and seeing how much shit my brother 
got for "not trying" to get a lot of classes in college, looking for jobs, learning to get his driver license, and for also being lazy. Just to let you know he is
like 50% lazy he helps me clean when I ask him.He is the only one that believes in me, I mean come on he is  seriously helping me lose weight.
 Yeah sometimes he can be a little shit for not letting me eat those beautiful candies, bread, and well pretty much greasy foods.
To tell you guys that I was 215 pounds I have gone down to 206 pounds so that is very fucking exciting for me. He made me promise not to stop
exercising and shit which I am intending to keep. Really and I mean really wish me good luck guys. Oh my lordy I forgot the Vampire Diaries
 season finale HOW COULD THEY DO THIS TO ME TO US!!!! What the hell you guys make Stefan get married with my Care Bear only to get him KILLED OFF!! 

Overall I did love how it ended. Just to let you guys know about me I am a fan boy all the way OBVIOUSLY. Show I watch are Pretty Little Liars, Doctor Who, 
Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Supernatural, Sherlock,Series of Unfortunate Events,and Riverdale... well so far.Favorite color blue oh and I'm also a hoe
 all the way (I don't mean it in a bad way).Love to write, sing, and  dream as much as I can. So yeah guys this is all me no fake, snobby,
 fuck boy ... boy I think that's how you say it. Right now I wish to be some where in the Tardis just looking at the beautiful sparkling stars.                   

                                   From a Whole Lot of Little to you.



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