Sorryyyyy!!! I know I have not blogged I've been...busy. But as promised to whoever is
 reading this today I will talk about the Make Me Die group. Now this group consists of
 5 people including me. Cecil, Ramon, Linden, Enrica, Jack, and obviously me Adam.

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I met Linden in the locker room , I remembered I had him for one of my 8th grade 
classes, so I decided to talk to him and sit too.At first we were friendly , we 
wouldn't really be partners though. It was when we started  playing Badminton that
 everything became half a circle. I met Ramon at first we did not know each other
 but would always laugh. He came up to me at our free play and well became close to
 both me and Linden.Now it became a full circle when we met Cecil and Jack. It was
 the best thing that had ever happened to me because that meant I would not have to
 be alone in P.E now. We would tease each other and they even gave me a nickname , Dimples.
 It was fun, I thought I could finally have a group of friends. Then all of a sudden out of 
nowhere another circle popped up and it became somewhat better... or so i thought. Enrica
 came in and with that we made more sexual jokes. They were funny as hell , we were always
 talking about being man strippers.Our grad night was going to be us going to strip club,
 basically a lot of sexual innuendos.
Little by little it started to get weird. Enrica was to touchy with me and Linden. I couldn't
 take it anymore and felt very uncomfortable. Cecil and Ramon were getting to close like being best friends. 
They would leave us out of the conversation, I just didn't feel our chemistry anymore. Cecil moved away , 
which sucks and well Enrica finally got the memo that no one wanted to be friends with her anymore. Lindon ...
 well he is still a rude bitch, I feel like he likes Ramon more than me though. I feel like everyone likes everyone
 more than me. I feel left out and alone. Like I well never find a group where I actually feel fit with.Ramon is a
 bit more quiet always talking about Cecil. Jack is always quiet but he is cool.Image result for alone deviantart

We are actually planning to hang out together on Friday after school. I feel like it
 is going to be weird because we only talk to each other when we are at P.E. I know it
 makes me fake to still hang  out with them even if I don't really want anymore but lost 
is what I feel.The good thing is that I was paired with a guy named Julian in math. Julian
 turned out to be cool. We snapchat each other and now hang out in lunch. He actually makes me 
feel good with myself, but sometimes ignores me.

Image result for bromance deviantart

Thing is I will not let my hopes get to high with him. He may like me but I 
know something will go wrong. Something always does. Other than that today
 is going to be Supernatural's season 12 finale. AHHHH!!!! Can't wait,
 although I am also scared because it is Supernatural for god sake you 
never know what could happen.


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